Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm writing backwards

A while ago I my character was interviewed by Misha.  In that interview I learned that my character once lived on a farm in a house next to a river.  To me, that is the start of the story.  I learned that she was taken by my main antagonist from her mother when she was young, etc.  All of this was the start of my story, at least chronologically.  But Chronos was defeated with one fell swoop of the pen!  I have now written what I have thought would be the end.  But no, my entire plan was thwarted by an old lady.

We all know someone like that.  The kindest, sweetest old lady.  She never rushes, she is slightly bent over from age, she holds all the wisdom of the world in the palm of her hand.  And she is one of those "Why, no, dear.  There was nothing in the tea.  It was in the brownies." -people.  The scariest people on earth are those old ladies who seem so meek and frail but who are very, very dangerous.  Kind of like Gandalf.  Just female.

My MC has a granny.  A granny who knows everything about her.  A granny who will probably turn out to know how to do the Jedi Mind Trick better than Yoda.  This granny boldly kidnapped my MC and took her to her childhood home.  Against my wishes.  And I am thrilled!  I couldn't have asked for it any other way.  My planning is absolutely stuffed, but I am so excited to see where everything goes from here.

I don't even want to ask if this has ever happened to you.  If probably has, lots of times.  I know I am new at writing, but it is really cool. :)

So have you had the experience?  What happened  Did it make the story better than you first thought it would be?


  1. Characters are so silly. I find that it will take me weeks to find the perfect name for my character and when it clicks my characters run wild. I write a character arc and interview to understand and learn more about them. You never realize how much you'll learn.

    My last character loved Phish food ice cream and goldfish crackers. Strange combo but she LOVED them.

  2. Love it, and what a great way to find our more about your character - even things you may not have known :o)

  3. Jen, I know exactly what you mean. It is kind of like when you find the name, the enitre character writes him/herself. They're just there, with their likes and dislikes, their fetishes, issues and bad hair days. We just have to get to know them!

    DUO: Yep. Sometimes I find out things that turn the story upside down!